Friday, September 3, 2010

First Full Week Done

It's been a while, but I'm running 5 different blogs now. This one and one for each of my computer classes. I post their daily activities and choose the date of the class for my title. This way students can get to class, log on to their accounts, go on the internet (I think I quit calling it the interweb!) and then begin working.

School is going fairly well. Of course, it has its good and bad moments, which I will not spew all over the internet because that kind of mess cannot be cleaned up!

The little grade oners, to whom I teach health and library, told their parents how excited they are that I am their teacher. One called my name and waved to me from the bus. I couldn't teach it full time but I am so happy to have a break in my schedule for these young ones.

The other classes work fairly well when the technology is functioning properly. (Ha, ha!)

So far I am keeping up fairly well. Not perfect but fairly well, though I've less and less time for myself. This is okay. I liken this back to work business to having a new baby. When my children were born I learned to set aside my hobbies for a while until I grew accustomed to the extra person in the house and they grew accustomed to life in the real world. School is my new baby.

I should go. Jason will be here to pick me up soon.

ttfn to my bffs (OH I hate these acronyms!!!!)

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