Monday, June 28, 2010

Packing Boxes

Well, while I am not actually moving from one location to another, like most other moms I am constantly on the move. Lately, I have been packing up boxes of little baby clothes that I have saved as hand-me-downs for the next child, and I am removing them to various and sundry places (friends, children in Ethiopia...). Last week I reclaimed part of the living room that was previously designated for toys and replaced it with music and  binders for teaching school.

This brings me to the most significant change in my life lately and probably the subject of much of this summer blog: heading back into teaching, back into the workforce. Most of my summer will be spent reviewing information and reading curricula. I am, of course, both frightened and excited. So while I have packed away an "age" of my life (mother of infants and small children), I am unpacking the boxes of my teaching career for at least the next 7 months.

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