Sunday, August 22, 2010

I told you so!

Blog. I have a blog?

School is soon in full swing. The order is (roughly) decided for each unit and each lesson for the first semester in each class, though I haven't formally written up all the lessons. I have a good idea how to break down my assessment/evaluation to derive a mark. I just have to finish a syllabus for each class but the information is ready to go!

I've just tackled a little bit every day for most of the summer. It really doesn't seem like I've done much, and I know that, come the start of school, I will have to kick it in gear a lot more. I just hope that I've done enough this summer!

I can see already that this blog is going to fall by the wayside, especially since I feel it is very unprofessional to complain about student behaviour on the internet. I guess I could brag a little, which will hopefully be the case some of the time. Furthermore, I could complain about how stupid computers are when they don't work because we all know that I will be frustrated with the computers at least some of the time!

Speaking of computers, I made the cutest movies on Windows Movie Maker with pictures and video clips of the kids I used to babysit; well, I think that they are cute anyway! I'd upload them but I'm not comfortable putting too much information on the internet about other people's kids, or even my own. In fact. I don't think that I've put many pictures up, even on facebook.

I'm just going on and on about nothing so I might as well get down to some real work.

Nice wedding pictures Sheryl-Ann!

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