Wednesday, August 4, 2010

This afternoon I all of a sudden thought, "Oh yeah, my blog!"

We've been busily enjoying a vacation in Regina, with a short hiatus for a family reunion in Swift Current, and are soon to return home. I have accomlished almost all I set out to accomplish here in Regina; as in previous summers, I run all of the "big city" errands that are more easily done when offices and stores are ten or fifteen minutes away rather than one, two or even three hours away. I won't go into detail.

Our family reunion was wonderful. I really miss the times that I spent on the farm as a child. We were SO carefree; unbelievably so! Because I was a girl and often not asked to do farmwork, we had the whole day free to play. I can't even imagine that these days. I also appreciated that we could just be ourselves at the farm, mostly unencumbered by the concern of what others thought of us.

Our children experienced some of that at the farm this past weekend. There were lawn tractors out for them to drive (without the blades running), quad rides, and even rides on the BIG tractor. A cousin had donated his above-ground pool which the children often used. And, to top it off, several dogs, cats and a litter of playful kittens wande43e around the yard. A few of the kittens are of a breed that has six toes on each paw which makes them look chubbier and even cuter. I'm sure there is a picture of one of my kids holding a kitten while eating her hot dog. Very sanitary but who cares!

We are soon home where I'll have to get to more school work. I haven't done as much as I intended but I have still made fairly good progress so that it is only once in a while that I suddenly panic, wondering why I took on what seems like such a mammoth task!

I'll leave you with an acronym closing whose meaning I have recently learned. You see, I must be old, or perhaps don't have time to pay attention to all of the acronymgs used these days to speed up texting. Anyway:


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