Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Camping with 6 people in a small tent

Well, we attempted (and pretty much succeeded) at stuffing our whole family into the small tent I bought when I was still in my teens (8ft by 8 ft). Actually, most of it was okay, though a little hard on the back considering we do not have mattresses.

Olivia tried every way possible to annoy everyone so it was an exercise in ignoring her so she didn't get the reaction that she truly wanted. The four girls are in the tent trying to get to sleep right now and she is doing the same thing. The other girls kept telling her that they will call dad to get her to stop and when they finally went to do it, Jason and I heard her say, "No, no, don't call Dad." She really tries hard to push everyone's buttons these days.

We left Nanaimo on Monday, taking the 8:30 ferry. Shortly after lunch we made it to the Vancouver Aquarium which the kids loved! I will eventually upload some photos but I am running on battery power right now! We saw the dolphin show and got splashed by the whales. The girls loved the other animals in their tanks and enjoyed the walk through the tropical habitat. We even saw a three-toed sloth hanging from the roof, free to roam (though very slowly)!

After dropping Jason's brother Rene off at a Hotel (so he could take a flight out to Europe the next morning), we spent most of our driving time exiting greater Vancouver. In fact, we spent a lot of time lost in Vancouver, after somehow missing the Lion's Gate Bridge, until we finally stopped at a market for a map of the city. Because they did not have any maps (apparently people that live there know their own neighbourhood), a helpful grocer gave us his.

Outside the city, we stopped at Bridal Falls to tent as a family of 6 for the first time. On my morning run I found the trail to the falls and ran up part way until I felt too uncomfortable running through the brush alone. Animals tend to be attracted to this type of quiet movement. I also ran over to the water park to see how much it would cost and later suggested to Jason that it would probably not be worth the $110 plus tax that it would cost us!

The campground, however, had a pool that was more reasonably priced: free with camp fees. We used these facilities until it was time to go and then hopped into the van to get groceries in Hope, B.C. Now here we are in Cache Creek, again at a site with a pool which we used to tonight and will use tomorrow morning, we hope. Hopefully the kids go to bed well tonight!


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