Thursday, July 15, 2010

Why I cry every time I watch Jim and Pam's Wedding

For those of you who are English people (ie. English teachers and the like) we'll call this free-writing. Please do not expect any coherence or organization; however, I hope that the thoughts are interesting enough to have potential.

Anyway, every time I watch Jim and Pam's wedding (on The Office) I cry, and I actually don't cry often during movies. Of course, I rarely watch "chick flicks" anymore and really, why would I cry when watching Paranormal Experience? At some point I realized that Jim and Pam are everyday, ordinary people like most of the rest of the world and this allows me, and perhaps others, to believe that their cute little romantic life is not just a possibility in TV. I have to be careful not to insult my wonderful husband here: he is an awesome guy but never led me to believe that he was romantic before we married (so I knew what I was getting into) and this has not really changed. I'm sure he would concur on this point. He is beyond wonderful in many other ways!

Now that my apology to my husband is over with, I will return to Jim and Pam, whose names even depict their unoriginal characters. In fact, no one would even take such an interest in their lives so much if they were not juxtaposed against the extra-ordinary characters with whom they work. Jim and Pam are ordinary living in a an office full of hyperbolized, stereotyped extra-ordinary characters.

I must begin with Michael, the boss, and possible the most rude, crude, racist, sexist... boss there could be unbeknownst to him. He is rude beyond belief and gets away with his un-boss-like antics because it is television; really, the way he treats his African-American co-worker, Stanley, and his homosexual co-worker, Oscar and his Indian-American co-worker, Kelly would have gotten him fired so long ago and slapped with so many law-suits that even the job he would get at 7-11 would support his legal fees. I formally apologize to anyone reading this who works at 7-11. Where would I be without your Diet Pepsi Big Gulps? We'll return to discussion about Michael at a later date.

We'll have to continue this conversion at a later date; I should help Jason care for our children. If I remember, I will talk about each major character and then return to why Jim and Pam's wedding makes me cry.

If you have never seen the episode where Dwight lights the office on fire to test their fire-readiness skills and then pulls a "Silence of the Lambs," it is my favourite episode. I laughed so hard I cried!

Over and out!

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