Wednesday, July 7, 2010

This must be heaven

Wow, what a change from last night to tonight. Our second night of camping was okay but the kids kept waking up, partly because it was really windy above us, but not in the valley in which we were camping. The trees, however, swayed and made noise that made Emily anxious.

The kids had used the pool the night previous but it was closed for cleaning in the morning. We had showers--very cold showers and headed out. After a few stops, we found ourselves searching for a hotel in Revelstoke--well we really didn't find our doubles or anything like that!

Anyhow, we scored a suite at the Sandman Hotel and when I went to ask for a second night, the lady at the desk "oohed" at the rate we got, even she thought it was great. Apparently when Jason checked in he got the manager. What a blessing!!!

We now have a kitchen (not kitchenette), living area with futon, two bedrooms and two bathrooms!!!! Yeah! We used the pool this evening and will hopefully have several more chances before we leave. Two nights of being clean!! This is heaven for me.

Because we paid a bit more for the room, we decided to use the kitchen instead of going out. Not to worry, it even has a dishwasher. I sit here at the hotel computer (because their connection in the rooms is slower than the connection at the campsite!) and blog to you about the eventful, yet uneventful day. I heard someone at the desk ask for a suite; I guess there all taken.


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