Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Still Here; No Internet

Clearly, several days have past since I have taken the time to write.

We left Revelstoke and proceeded on to our last stop: Banff. I spent most of the time at a Music for Young Children conference. The conference was informative in unexpected ways. I found the National conference less intimate than our regular provincial fall and spring conferences, but this is to be expected. I had trouble with the internet at our conference accommodations so I didn't check email or blog.

Thankfully, I also had time to do a little shopping in Banff.

Because accommodations in Banff are so expensive, my parents agreed to bring their fifth wheel to Banff. The six of us and my parents stayed together. Unfortunately, several of the days were cool and rainy so while I attended the conference, Mom, Dad and Jason occupied the kids their large but still limited fifth wheel. They made it to the hot springs and climbed a small mountiain but we will have to take a trip up the gondola next time.

I now write from home. Ahhh...... The only bad thing is keeping up with housework and yard work that we left behind when we were gone.

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